Promoting Your Work through Press Releases and Conferences

There are several types of press releases that should be utilized by

There are media advisories. Media Advisories tell the media,
basically, where you are going to be at a certain time and date and
why you will be there. It also serves to invite the media to a press
conference at specific locations and times.

Press conferences are events that are held by organizations
specifically with the media in mind. An organization invites the media
to attend a gathering, where the PR Representative and the Chairman of
that organization, along with other notable active members will attend
to answer questions and conduct interviews with the media. When doing
this, an organization would do good to have their own sound equipment
so that large crowds can hear what they have to say.

A press release can also take the form of an official statement by the
chairman of that organization on a specific issue. The statement will
be sent to all of the interested media for quote-gathering for
stories. Most congressmen use this method regularly.

Another form a press release can take is in the form of an article. An
article is basically a news report based on facts that that
organization has gathered. When using this method, it is best to leave
the organization’s personal opinions out of the article.

Press releases, written  in article-style, should never use the words
we, us, me, my, or our or any other first person pronouns. These
pronouns are only suitable in personal statements about issues, or
when promoting a press conference by an individual.

Article-style press releases gives the publication enough information
that they could, if they so choose, take that specific article from
the release and post it in their news section. And, because it is a
press release, the publication reserves the right to edit, change any
information, or not change any information and still take the credit
for the news item —